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Trendy Jewelry Designs for Upcoming Festive Seasons

Trendy Jewelry Designs for Upcoming Festive Seasons

To make gems more appealing, it is beaten by jewels and different sorts of diamonds. Generally, Indian ornaments have been made of substantial and voluminous gold pieces, but yet today's jewelry designs are made of silver, platinum and different metals have turned out to be very mainstream among individuals. There is a lot of jewelry which made up of different colored stones, metals, etc. liked by peoples, or younger women. Today's jewelry is about to sharp, colorful, & lots of simplicity, sometimes it's a combination of tradition one too.
In the below para we gave you the various types of jewelry in India which are in trend.



As it's named Antique, this type of jewelry is very beautiful, but dull and rough look. The jewelry looks related to old world fashion but it suits in a lot of situations and impacts a lot.



Bead jewelry is 5000 years old Indian art. It also belonged to the Indus Valley Civilization time. This jewelery is perfect when you are planing for the beach vacation or party. Colorful pleasure beads will give you the fresh look.



Nowadays Custom Jewelry is very famous and trendy for those people who didn't find the perfect jewelry for themselves. Well, no worries, we didn't find but we can make it surely. Custom jewelry is a personalized one. people get it made on their interest and fancy. Customer who is very specifics can use it.



Fashion Jewelry is trend conscious and it has various variety. Sometimes its also called costume jewelry. Fashion Jewelry is made up of stones and metals hence it's cheaper and lighter.



Filigree Jewelry is made of silver. As you can see in the image jewelry has very fine art, it definetly involves lots of patience, fine detailing, precision & technically.



India is ahead in making handmade ornaments. Handmade Jewelry is made up of silk thread, designing with various stones and etc.



Ivory jewelry is made of the elephant teeth. For a few religious people, its bangles are must while marriage ceremony for the bride.



Lac jewelry is originated in Rajasthan but its become popular across India. Lac jewelry spread its beauty everywhere. Versatile designs, shades, and colors available in Lac Jewelry.



Temple jewelry, Spiritual jewelry, and Bridal jewelry these all are the types of Indian jewelry. The temple jewelry is mostly popular in south India.



India is quite rich about Tribal jewelry. There are the different type of tribal and so they have the different and unique style of jewelry too. Tribal jewelry is made of clay, shells, bone, and wood. 

Let us know in the comment section, With which trendy jewelry you would like to go for this festive season. 



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