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John Abraham Award Winning Penthouse Home : A Villa in the Sky

John Abraham, the Bollywood superstar, producer, and entrepreneur is on a roll.

Aptly named ‘Villa in the Sky’, the 4,000-square-foot penthouse is located on the 7th and 8th floors of a residential complex in Bandra West. The planning group of Abraham John, Alan Abraham, Anca Florescu, and Anahita Shivdasani joined two more established lofts into one present day, extensive two level and patio. To join the two condos, every inside divider were stripped down and another staircase, cantilevered off the inside segments, was added to associate the two stories. The fabulous perspectives of the Arabian Sea are among the most appealing highlights of this home—and the new plan just amplified it. This included putting in floor-to-roof windows wherever conceivable, including the enormous new main room. Truth be told, each room of the house gives clearing perspectives of the ocean. The outline of the penthouse mirrors the cutting edge moderate style of the Mumbai-based engineering firm Abraham John. The open arrangement idea called for incorporating indoor and outside spaces, amplifying the advantages of the site area and the atmosphere.

The hello there tech glass-walled media room on top foggy spots the limit amongst inside and outside to extend the home's feeling of the room: it offers ravishing perspectives of the ocean, and also a roomy wooden deck with a sky-facing window and a garden porch. The kitchen is arranged in the south-east corner of the home, which makes it Vastu-consistent as well as guarantees the flat is showered in common light early in the day. The kitchen island, produced using an obviously tempered steel, has an ultra-present day look. Alongside the living and feasting areas, the kitchen is the focal gathering zone of the home, which is superbly spread out for supper parties and engaging. Normal materials were utilized to develop John Abraham's home. One is promptly attracted to the hand-slashed feasting table and seating, both of which are produced using teak. Nearby woods and green development rehearses were implemented wherever conceivable. It is no big surprise that the star's house was granted the Best Home Award from the Indian Institute of Architectural Design in 2016.

The lower floor which has an open plan has been designed for entertaining – the interconnected areas within a white shell feature dark wooden flooring has comfortable seating and large glass windows that look out to the serene outdoors. The living area has a contrast of dominant brown, and greenish-grey custom-made sofas. Another very striking element in it is the simple staircase that has balanced the mood of the living room, keeping the simplicity of minimal structure work without making it look boring.

 The manly crude interest of incomplete wood can be found in his feasting region. The eating table has been made out of an old teak tree and remade to make the table and stools. Goodness! Presently isn't that genuine Dining Area Goals? The easygoing style eating region, with the long table and low stools, supplements the woody, warm inside. Not to overlook the tall plants that build up a steady interface with nature inside.

The parlor territory in the front room is showered in nonpartisan tones and wooden casing wrap up. Furthermore, kid o-kid, take a gander at the spotlights sitting above the seating place that has kept up the negligible interest of the space



The kitchen includes an island doused in dim and a glass-encased cooking zone. Space which is in the south-east has clearly been outlined keeping with Vastu and is overflowed with morning light from the adjacent slopes.

As we see, the kitchen is partitioned into two zones – dry and wet. The dry part includes predominance of steel and dull tones racks, where all the cooking happens, the glass divider has encased the zone astutely as well as amplify the space.

The thought behind the two kitchen zones, as indicated by John, is that the stage outside can be utilized for serving while the wet region could remove the scent of Indian cooking from the principle stimulation zones.

Vault style kitchen pendant lights are a breakaway from the generally sharp lines in this exceptionally manly home.

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